I’m posting another kind of today. I am writing this post for many of my close-by-sisters who only listen to Learn SEO. Many people have probably learned to go to different training centers and sit down to see how to do now. SEO know what to do now?
This is my writing for those brothers and sisters. If you are a member of that group then read this post to me and get some ideas.
And if you are new and want to learn SEO, then this post will definitely help you.

First you need to know what is SEO?
SEO or search engine optimization means the search engines have a site that highlights a site that implies a search engine. If we search Google by writing anything, we can see that there are a lot of results, in the first 2/3 pages, we find the sites we find.
That is SEO means, SEO in the site, the search engine will bring your site before the visitor will see more. This is basically SEO work.

Why are you learning SEO?
Because we do not think of this thing, our condition is that you have learned SEO and are not able to earn any income yet. Before you understand why you will learn SEO
Let’s try to find out a bit broader.

SEO people learn about 3 reasons.

1. To know the matter yourself
2.To do a client’s job
3. Self-reliant to sell affiliate marketing or any product.

Now let us try to understand these three subject items well. There are many people who love online who love to know about new topics. And here he just wants to know the subject. Actually, this thing is actually what they are after in this quiz. However, according to my knowledge, their numbers are much less.
Second category – he learns SEO to work on the corner client. We call them Freelancer. Here you will be given a client job that will work on the site of your search engine rankings. And this will give you your client money. You will find many people in this sector.
3rd category – you will work for yourself. You do not own a boss here. You own a company. Here you will have a site to sell your own or others’ products and sell them and take a commission. Be it’s own product or another’s product.
The main thing here is that you can do your own work independently. And you will be able to earn money only when there will be no selling. There is more work to do than just selling goods that do not have an income system that visitors to your site can actually be an income from there. Whatever it is your asset completely.

Learn how much money does SEO cost?

Especially many of us do not have money to SEO ideas. It’s Free Math. Is it really free math? Well, let’s not know, it’s free, not paid.

If you want to work on a client, Freelancer’s Mercuptles will not get your money in that case. But yes, there are some jobs where some money takes.
And if you want to learn SEO and work on affiliate or other angles you must invest money. For example, you may need to have your own website, a well-paid theme, some plugins paid. You need article. In this case you need a good investment.
Here’s something to keep in mind that if you want to learn SEO then you can not invest in your own work and if you want to do Client’s work, then there is a good idea about Marketet Place.

What will be the benefit of learning SEO?
Many people are thinking that if I learn SEO then what will happen to me? If you want to work online, SEO Basic is a good thing. You need to know it. But yes, for them, I am saying that the foresight is complete. You can not earn thousands of dollars by doing an SEO course. But if you have to take a 1 point topic, you can do a lot of things.
So you guys are able to earn money by doing SEO work, and if you have such a big target then you can certainly do anything from here.
But yes, keep in mind – learn well and learn how to get into action. If you want to learn to walk you have to stand up. Otherwise you can not walk Remember this.