Traffic type key in CPA marketing – Avoid account suspension
You may know that there is a great restriction of traffic or visitation in CPA marketing. If you do not know that from this article you can learn CPA marketing, then you can not align any traffic. To make CPA marketing you need to pay a lot of attention to generating a visitor. They will tell you that you can generate any traffic for an offer.

Check out the image below and try to understand.

Look at the pictures above that they are not doing alau: Incentive Traffic, Email Traffic, Contextual and Search Traffic.

Allow doing: Website, Social Media, Mobile, Desktop

Here we first try to understand what traffic is actually? Below is a brief discussion of each traffic system.


Incetive Traffic: Inspiring traffic is a type of traffic source that works in contract basis. For example, if you see the image above, you can understand that the offer is shown in the USA, if someone submits email only to that form, then the owner of the offer will give you $ 2. Now you think yourself a lot of smartphones told to a friend in the USA, open that link and submit the email. In return you gave something to your friend. The email was submitted that you got 2 dollar commission. This is the only thing that is the example of Incentive Traffic. If you generate such a visitor then your account will suspend. Hope to understand.

Email Traffic: If you have provided the link to this offer through email and if you have submitted your email from your email and submitted your email, then you will not get any money for that email submission. This is a very simple matter. Say a little delays – if you email or email to any customer or friend from Gmail or Yahoo or any such email (from any email), this offer link. Even though he is emailing his email here, this leads will not be accounted for. The offer owner will not give you any money. And the big thing is that if you do not do such traffic in the offer but you have done such a thing, your account may be suspended. You must be careful about traffic.

Contextual Traffic: This is another name for PPV. Do you think PPV again? PPV means pay-per-view If I say a little open then you can understand the matter. Suppose you search for a movie or download a movie in Google. Google got a lot of results. By clicking on any link, you open the site and see the download button to download the file you want. When you click on that download button, a new tab opened in the browser and the ads of another site were found. In many of these places I think you’ve got. With this click on any link, the ads view on any other tab is the PPV or Contextual traffic.

Search Traffic: When we search on Google or any other search engine, we can see many results. You may know that the work of various search engines is beneficial to you. But they are doing it without any business? What do you think

No, they were not able to provide you free services without the business. They certainly have business here. How is that When you search Google for searching for information, the search engine offers some advertising links to search results. And when someone clicks that link, Google takes money from that advertiser. It is called PPC. This means pay-per-click. Google collects a certain amount of money from advertisers every time. You can also be an advertiser like the advertiser if you want. I mean, if you have an offer, you can also give your offer ads to Google search engines and Google will pay you a certain amount of money per click. This is the advertise system that is called CPA Network Search Traffic. Our top offer is not advertised for this type of ad.