We all heard that online income can be made. Very few people who have not heard of this information-technology age can be found. But yes, 90% of the people do not know how to earn money online. But 90% of the people who know them are not clear about the issue. In this post I will give some good ideas. And from here you will get a better idea of ​​what the online income is.

The first thing to say about online income is the PTC site. Many of those who started online who thinks that money is coming online. PTC means pay-to-click This means that you have to click some links and you have to visit the link 10-20 seconds and you will be given money for it.

From this PTC, people have got the idea that money can be earned online by clicking on the link. Actually those who do professional work do not do this kind of work.

And this is not a good job for your online future. There were some MLM companies in Bangladesh who taught people who can earn money by clicking on the money and referring to the people to earn money by referring.

Here MLM means multi-level marketing. We see many of these multi-level marketing bad guys. However, many MLM systems work in the world, and according to my knowledge, 57% of Toyota cars in the world are sold through this system.

However, we have actually made the marketing system worse by ourselves and by clicking on it, it is not really a job, and the company that taught it did not teach something good.

Online business is actually another thing.

What kind of work will actually pay for your future online?

If the future is to talk about what comes first, that is freelancing. Freelancing is a very good profession where you can work independently. Many people in our country have a sense of fact that they do all the work freelancing. Actually the matter is not right.


Freelancing is a profession where you have to have good skills on a subject. You will have to freelance a markup plate account and there will be a lot of work available for you to bid for the job and if the client gives you the job then you can do that work, and in exchange, your client will pay you.

You can do this work in your own home. If you have only a good skill, you will not miss the job. You can earn good money.

You can earn money by working online to sell your own or any other company’s products or services. Here you will be able to invest a lot of talent and money. It’s a completely independent business. Here you will know a lot of your own work and income here and a lot more.Many of you have heard about affiliate marketing, CPA marketing etc. These are actually after marketing. It is not calling freelancing. You can earn a lot of money by doing marketing online.

Publisher Business:

Many people have heard of Adsense maybe Yes, Google AdSense You can earn through Google or YouTube. Here you must have a website or a YouTube channel and publish good quality content.

You can work as a Google partner. And Google will see some ads within your content. Google will place some advertisements in front of people who visit your website or YouTube videos and Google will give you money to show this ad. This is calling publisher business and you can earn good money from here.

Print On Demand:

Here the system is designing for a t-shirt or something else. And you have to do the marketing of T-shirt designed by you. If someone who orders the t-shirts, then there are some companies who will be able to get T-shirts print and T-shirts for you. You do not have to make any extra payment for this.

They will give your t-shirt, print the design and they will reach your customer. Many such people have probably heard Teespring’s name. This is an example site of another demand on print.

There are many more sources here. I’m not writing anymore. Inshallah will give some more resources in the next post. Do not forget to share the post if you like and certainly do the comments.