How to choose an autoresponder or email marketing service

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All of you have set up your domain name and hosting, so now what you have to do is arrange an email marketing service (mailing list) or mailing list.



Why do we need email marketing services?

If I want to explain to you simple, then you have to tell a story. Let’s hear

Suppose you have a restaurant where every day 50/100 customers come. If you have 100 customers in your store every day, then 3000 subscribers will get your monthly subscription. Now, next month, if I ask you who is your store’s customer?

Can you tell me?

Answer: Maybe it will not come, brother, I can not say. The reason is that the customer comes to your shop exactly but you do not know and know them.

Now if you know who your customers are, if you have any new items or offers in your store, then you could easily give your customers the information about this new food item and your new item is available for you Did not have to do marketing

I can not believe that if you collect their mobile number in your shop, then you can easily tell your new food information through an SMS easily. And a part of your customer came back to your shop after getting your message.

Did i say okay If I say tick, then I will definitely write down the comment below in the post.

So you understand why our email list is needed? Because we are going to be an international business and you need to collect their email address because you can not talk to them on the phone.

To create such a list, there must be a subscription form to be added to your website at the beginning. Where visitors can connect with their names and email addresses on your list. And in this way, when many are connected, you should have a system that automatically manages this list.

For example, controlling an unsubscribe, auto email response etc. Your auto-responder or mailing list manager will mainly do this for you.

Below is an example of a subscribe form.


sign in form


In this case you will have two options-

1. Host your own auto-resconders

You can use scripts if you want. Some web hosts give the option to instantly install this script through a single click. (If you find this kind of script, you can contact us. Our Developer Team will help you.) However, in many cases, problems may be seen. There are some email service providers (ESPs) or ISPs who will keep your emails in a spam folder, so you will not be able to see your desired recipient.

So, you can try this option using this option-

2. Use a third-party service

Some of these services include, (I use this) and MailerLite (I also use their services). These services will give you a lot of options and benefits, the most of which will send e-mails directly to the subscriber’s inbox. This is one of the advantages of using this service because there are more benefits.

Another advantage is that you do not need much technical knowledge to use these. Because the services will provide complete instructions for creating your list with the video, keeping the subscription form on the site and uploading any email you need.

Today’s work: Sign up for an autoresponder and get familiar with its various services. Because next day we will learn how to create content for auto resconder.

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Here’s how to make an account in the autoresponder:

Click here to get an account in GetResponse